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Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, work, relationships, anxiety, or major life changes? There comes a time when we need some help from a certified professional to cope with many of life’s challenges. I work using a multicultural framework having offered psychological support to populations in Switzerland and central London diverse in ethnicity, religion, disability, sexuality. I’m motivated to support clients on their journey toward healing and self-discovery.



I’m an accredited Psychotherapist in Switzerland and Counselling Psychologist in the U.K. here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters.

In all my work my priority is to keep the client's well-being at heart.

I believe that offering a compassionate and integrative approach to clients is the basis for successful therapeutic work. Everyone is unique hence, I draw upon a range of evidence-based psychological approaches to create tailored treatment plans based on clients' needs and goals. These treatment plans are flexibly adjusted according to changes we observe together. 

I offer space: a place and time to engage in meaningful reflection, to talk and observe patterns. Space to cultivate awareness is key to start a journey for change, to develop insight and work towards new goals.

The majority of my professional experience has been within the National Health Service (NHS) in London, I have developed expertise in primary and specialised mental health care settings to support people struggling with their emotional wellbeing for the first time, those going through significant life-stage transitions, and those who experience longer-term or acute mental health difficulties. 

I am committed to regular supervision and abide by the Foederation der Schweizer Psychologinnen und Psychologe (FSP) British Psychological Society (BPS) code of ethics and the HCPC to provide excellent services to my clients.

Dandelion Parachute Seed


My practice is evidence-based psychological therapy.

We all experience difficulties in different ways: so no list can include every possible issue or problem. Often people seek therapy when they have been feeling low in mood, feel more anxious, stressed or frustrated than usual, sometimes indicating a life transition such as a relational or career difficulty. At other times clients get in touch when they noticed that something does not feel good but are still unsure of the reasons that may lie beneath. They feel dissatisfied and are keen to develop insight. 

Part of the therapeutic work is an exploration of emotional and behavioural patterns which can contribute to maintaining some of the difficulties. Often we can make sense of these re-occurring patterns by linking them with our past experiences. 

Therapy includes instilling self-understanding and fostering clients' sense of agency and choice aiming at improving wellbeing and relationships with others. 



Depressive symptoms/Low mood

Feeling stuck 

Relationship challenges 

Work related difficulties 

Achieving goals 

Life changes and adjusting


Health anxiety 

Developmental and Adult traumatic experiences including  

Domestic violence

Emotional/verbal abuse

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse


Obsessive Thoughts 
Addictive behaviours 

Eating difficulties

Body Image 

Emotionally unstable personality 

Impulsive or self-destructive behaviours 

Psychologist Session

Since opening the doors of my clinic I have worked with clients struggling with range of difficulties. I have offered short-term and long-term therapy to individuals, couple and families.  

My approach is integrative, it draws from Systemic practice, Schema Therapy, Mentalisation Based Treatment, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), elements of third wave CBT and Person-centred therapy.  

Part of the work is aimed at fostering self-awareness encouraging the development of new ways of understanding ourselves in different situations and how we relate to other.

It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is a joint endeavour: a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the client and therapist alike. 

​I'm committed to continuous professional development (CPD) sustaining my competence and knowledge in being up to date.




I am meeting clients in person and remotely on the phone or on screen.


Online and Falkenweg 3a, Bern Switzerland.

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